Insulation - What is it? 

    The Most common form of insulation is reffered to as Batt insulation also known as Blanket Insulation, Its most common form is a large rectangular piece, Ranging in a variety of widths dependent upon your stud spacing and requirement. Insulation is made up of Fibreglass (Most commonly) But sometimes can be made of Cotton and even sheepwool.


Why is it so important?

    Like all insulation, batt and roll is rated on an R-Value scale, which measures the thermal resistance – the effectiveness to prevent heat transfer – of the material. The R-Value increases with the density and thickness of the insulation. A higher R-Value means better insulating properties.

While different R-Values are recommended for different climate regions, you can always benefit from installing a higher R-Value. Although the initial cost will be higher, your home will be better insulated and require less energy for heating and cooling. A more energy efficient home may command a higher resale value and help you sell faster


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